MMTD NOMINATION REPORT-2022, as amended and restated as of 8/5/2022

2022 Nominating Committee Members
Jeri Steward
Taylor Steward
Terry Peterson
Phil Peterson

Pursuant to Article VI, Section 7, the Nominating Committee consists of the VP of Membership, 1 other Board member and 2 MMTD Members who are not on the Board.  Because of an unforeseen worldwide pandemic, there was no 2021 Annual Meeting where the 2 Members were elected, these 2 Members were appointed by the VP of Membership.  Pursuant to MMTD’s Bylaws, the Nominating Committee is assigned the task of interviewing and selection potential candidates for the MMTD Board.

The Nominating Committee diligently completed its task and presented the initial Nominating Committee Report to the acting Secretary, Taylor Steward, pursuant to Article VI, Section 7, and to the Entire Board of Directors, at the July 18th Special Meeting of the Board of Directors

Due to the unforeseen COVID pandemic, this ballot was delayed until this year.  The Nominating Committee has filled each Executive Board seats with who it determined to be the best candidate for each position, as well as vacant Board seats.  These are the positions that are open this election and the Members who the Nominating Committee has put on the Slate to fill these positions for the Years 2022 – 2024:

Class A Directors Positions Open                      Slate

Class A Director                                                        Kathie Whitehouse (incumbent)
Class A Director                                                        Emily Carvill (incumbent)
Class A Director                                                        Taylor Steward (incumbent)
Class A Director                                                        Kim Selby (incumbent)
Class A Director                                                        Terry Peterson (fill vacancy)
Class A Director                                                        Phil Peterson (fill vacancy)
Class A Director                                                        Meg Micou (fill vacancy)
Class A Director                                                        Kris Johns (fill vacancy)

Executive Officer Positions Open                      Slate

President                                                                    Kathie Whitehouse
Vice President of Special Events                           Emily Carvill
Secretary                                                                    Taylor Steward


Pam Bennett and Marianna Ziegler-Hickey have withdrawn their names from the ballot as of the end of their terms, ending as of the 2022 Annual Meeting.    Cindy Bargen resigned as Secretary and Board member effective July 15, 2022.  Lisa Beam resigned as Board member effective August 5, 2022.  Consequently, all of these individuals have been removed from the Slate, if appropriate, and this amended and restated Nominating Committee Report (and Slate) has been created, presented to the acting MMTD Secretary, Taylor Steward, and posted to the MMTD website, per the Bylaws as of its completion on August 5, 2022.

Now that we are, once again, able to safely hold a Member Annual Meeting, we will return to our process of electing 2 Non-Director Members at the Member’s Annual Meeting who would serve on the 2023 Nominating Committee.

As stated above, pursuant to resolution of the Board of Directors on March 7, 2022, this election will be held on August 20 at the Annual Meeting of MMTD at Cramton Park, 713 W. Genesee Street, Lapeer, Michigan 48446, beginning at 1PM.

Per Article IV, Section 3 of the MMTD Bylaws, in addition to the election of directors of the specific Class of Directors up for election at this meeting, specifically the Class A Directors, this Members’ Annual Meeting is for such other business as may be designated necessary or advisable for the Members’ Annual Meeting by the Board.

Pursuant to Article VI, Section 7 of MMTD’s bylaws, as well as basic corporation governance (See also, Robert’s Rules of Order, Chapter 12), additional nominations from the floor may be made by any member before the election with the consent of the nominee.  Voting procedures will be as set forth in MMTD’s Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order.